Enjoy this clip from ALEXANDER. It's a completely improvised one-man historical hip hop musical. Alex takes a suggestion of any historical figure and improvises a story about their life, freestyle rapping whenever the music starts. In this edition the suggestion was Emperor Nero.


Watch the entire hour long show here!


Check out this clip from Alex & Ben. Alex and his good friend Ben Lidgus torture each other like two brothers when Mom and Dad aren't looking - all for your enjoyment.


Watch the whole 12 minute set here!

AL & JIM's ONE MAN SHOW (First ever!)

Alex and James do two-person one-man improv. You've got to see it to believe it.




Alex and James perform at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival!

AL & JIM's ONE MAN SHOW (First ever. Part two)

Here's the second half of the insanity above.

AL & JIM's RETURN (Part two)

...and the wildness goes on.

AL & JIM's RETURN (Part one)

I can't believe they even attempted this a second time...

ComedySportz World Championship Match

Watch Alex referee Seattle vs. Portland in the 2021 ComedySportz World Championships!